Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere.........

Well, Here I go. Jumped on the Blog wagon.

Not quite sure what will come of this, or how often I will post, but it's worth a shot, maybe someone will listen to me:o) I think that this will be my out, most of the time. Bitching about life's crap that it deals me, and Gloating about how wonderful it may be in that moment.

I named my blog Small Town USA because,that's where I'm from, and proud to say it! Check out my town!(

It's sickens me sometime when I realize how home sick I am! I hate that my family hardly knows my kids and that I can't just jump in the car and go see whoever I want. I don't really have anyone here, I did, but once again that's the shit that I got delt. You pour your heart and soul in to a 'friendship' and get shit on, and there isn't anything that you can do about it. I guess my new motto will be, if you need me, you know where I am. or Kiss My Ass, one of the two.


  1. Welcome to blog world. Yeah! I am so excited for you to start blogging! I love it even though I suck at making time to blog as often as I would like. Sometimes I enjoy it more for the therapy I feel I recieve by reading the blogs that I follow. I feel I get a lot of insight on the TTC stuff. Anyway so glad you made the jump. It is a great tool to escape, whine and moan, or whatever you is YOUR blog. Love and miss you bunches!

  2. our doors is always open and you CAN "just jump in the car" and visit! love you!

  3. Awesome you start a blog how cool is that.. Except some things are wrong... You guys are family to us!!!! You may be Joeys "babysitter in your eyes but to Joe and I you and Dustin are friends and once you are friends with the Sals you are part of our family wheter you like it or not. I know its not the same, we are far from Joe's family in NY and we miss that his parents can't watch our kids grow up, but thats where we really rely on friends like you guys to help us fill the void, I hope you guys know you can always count on us, we will never shit on you and will always be here for the both of you and your two beautiful kids.

  4. I use to blog...I think I should start again! Good for you girl! VENT! It was good seeing you the other day at Wally World. Those babies are getting soooo big!